AddArt is a nonprofit organization dedicated to create, embellish and spread art and culture in general. Headquartered in Thessaloniki, Greece and having a rich cultural canvas, AddArt is focused on social and cultural interest of the general public. Its primary goal is providing classes and seminars in order to “Add Art” in every aspect of life, whenever and wherever it can be applied in such a manner that it leaves a positive mark, increasing the results and helping to reach an optimum outcome for diverse type of projects.

This NGO was founded in early 2014 and consists of highly experienced members and artists who already have had an opportunity to
prove themselves both in and outside of their local community. Synonyms of this organization are Innovation and Knowledge incorporated in Art.
By already having experience in the field of comics, storytelling, filming, animation, gaming, painting and sculpturing, AddArt is focused to add artistic and innovative activities as well as messages in collaboration with various sectors such as education and entertainment. Furthermore, board and video games have potential beyond the expected recreational aspect and it is something that this NGO strives to use as a tool for providing knowledge in a new and enjoyable way.

The above mentioned art forms are known to modulate values beyond the given joy of creation. By passing on these skills AddArt strives to stimulate teamwork, patience, ingenuity, problem solving, and enlarged perception. All of these allow a huge learning potential for developing even further set of new skills. The main idea here is to jointly shape a unique way to cement the message to those seeking to consolidate.

Special attention is given to dissemination of projects simply due to the fact that the Reach is the most important aspect in contribution to Culture and
the Arts. It is all about encouraging young artists and creators to disseminate these tools to everyone who would like use them: teachers, psychologists,
social workers, anxious people, creative people, teenagers, children and many more.

AddArt is an organization with the ability to spread any idea, lesson or message through art and various forms thereof, to edit, produce films or
animations, promote, organize events and more. Some of the accomplished AddArt events cover the following partnerships and joint actions:

Main partner for “Storytelling without borders” creative expression by refugee children throughout Greece, with Filmcentrum organization from Sweden and approved by the European Commission;

  • Founders and organizers of Thessaloniki Animation Festival (TAF) yearly event since 2015 with the Municipality of Kalamaria, 4 day short animation screening for approximately 2.000 viewers;
  • Creation of comic books “Say it with comics II” with stories by refugee children and young ones, with UNHCR;
  • Creation of comic books “Say it with comics” with stories from children of Thessaloniki, with Stavros Niarhos Foundation;
  • Creation of a special comic book for children with diabetes, with the Hellenic Federation of people with diabetes;
  • Creation of “Stop Motion” animation seminar with Reintegration Department of the Thessaloniki mental institution;
  • Publishing comics for children about football and sports in the weekly children’s newspaper Sport Day Kids;
  • Creation of animation clip for the “Volunteer Weekend” for Thessaloniki Y.M.C.A.;
  • Production of educational animation with “Organization Earth” for ecological agriculture without pesticides;
  • Founding of series of humorous comics “‘Homeless Life” which was awarded by the Hellenic Homeless Association for its sensitivity and approach to the topic;
  • Creation of outdoor games for children on recycling with organization “I feel the nature inside my city”;
  • Production of short animation clip for the launch of the European Youth Capital 2014 in Thessaloniki;
  • Taken part in strategic partnerships and collaborations in Greece, England, Ireland, Sweden, Malta, Serbia, Poland and Germany with artistic and educational projects;
  • Organization and collaborations in events, exhibitions, presentations, festivals etc.

Some of our main partners:

  • Municipality of Thessaloniki
  • European Youth Capital 2014
  • YMCA Thessaloniki
  • UNESCO Serres
  • Arogi Thessalonikis
  • Filmcentrum, Stockholm