Memorare Pacem is a civil society association founded in 1991 as an intergenerational project. The starting point for the activities of the association is the widely accepted historical significance of the destruction of the city of Dresden by air raids during World War II, in February 1945. From their memories of National Socialism and war, the members derive a joint and a personal sense of responsibility for the shaping of a peaceful, humanitarian and democratic future. Prompted by recent social, economic, and political realities in Germany, Memorare Pacem has become vocal as pro-Europe and pro-immigration organization.

The main areas covered of Memorare Pacem’s activities are remembrance culture, historical and political education, peace and art. Memorare Pacem is linked with municipal authorities, academic and artistic institutions and citizens’ organizations both in Europe and beyond. Since 1999, the association has participated in various formal and informal initiatives and projects on a European level.