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La Transplanisphère

Paris, France

Intercultural Storytelling Workshop – 09/02/2020

In the context of the Open European Societies project, a 3-hour Intercultural Storytelling Workshop took place in Albert Shweitzer High School – Le Raincy, Grand Paris on February 9th, 2020. Around 20 participants worked together to create a story which they then enacted. The main aim of the workshop was to bring together people from different age groups, cultural and social backgrounds to discuss, debate, create and perform all together. Mutual respect, understanding, dialogue and diversity were promoted through collaborative work, discussion, and reflection.

The workshop was facilitated by Bruno Freyssinet (La Transplanisphere) and the participants were invited to create together a common story on intercultural dialogue stakes with warm-up games and team-building activities. In particular, they worked in four small groups discussing, reflecting, imagining and creating a story together, designing living pictures, performing, debating and eventually evaluating the overall experience. All the participants enjoyed the process and took full advantage of the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.