Tell me your story - Denmark

In this video you can watch a highly interesting and vivid conversation between the following two interviewees:

Cristian Roberto Acevedo Maidones is from Chile, grew up and lived there for approx. 20 years. He fought against Pinochet during the 80s, but he had to flee as a political refugee because Interpol were following him. He left for Cuba, but he went back and forth from Cuba to El Salvador and Nicaragua doing missions. He was given the title “political refugee” by the Cuban government, because they started to have relations with the Chilean government, which meant that chances where they would force Cuba to give the refugees “back”. It meant that he had to flee with his family to Denmark. He has been in Denmark for 27 years where he still lives. Cristian speaks Spanish and is 56 years old.

Rosa Montiel currently lives in Sabro with her Danish spouse. She was born in Oaxaca, Mexico. She left for Denmark where she stayed for 3 months, this is also when she met her current spouse. Then she left for India, where she stayed 4 months. She studied Yoga. Afterward she risked everything and went back to Denmark, where she married her spouse.  Rosa is 50 years old. She came to Denmark for the first time in 2016 and returned to stay here for good in 2017.  The participants, and generally the Latin Americans I have been in contact with, were not necessarily forced to move from their home, but they were eager to do so, to get a better life.

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