Tell me your story – Germany

Watch the riveting stories of Lotfali and David reviving through the video ”Tell me your story – Germany”. The two Iranian migrants talk each other about their lives, while sharing their experiences, the challenges they had to overcome as well as the difficulties they faced by taking the decision to leave their homeland and start a new life abroad.

David is living in Dresden, Germany, since 2016. He was born in Shiraz, Iran, where he also studied civil engineering. He is missing his friends as well as celebrating with his family during the Iranian holidays. He adjusted quite fast to his new life as he started learning the German language and eventually he found a job.

Lotfali Semino lives in Germany since 1983. He was born in Tehran, Iran, where he started his studies, while later on he got married and made his family. He visited Europe several times in the past before he finally decides to migrate and cope with the everyday difficulties in a foreign country. According to his opinion, things for newcomers today are much improved compared to his era.